Saturday, 4 September 2010

How to Trade Commodity Stocks

  • Find a good financial website:

    Using a good financial website to track commodities, commodity futures, and the dollar is essential to understanding the market and timing your entrance into certain commodity stocks. Examples of useful reference sites includes: Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

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    Understand the yield curve and currencies:

    The yield curve is a good indicator of the risk people are willing to take in the market. If people are willing to take risk then the yield curve will be steep. This indicates people are willing to buy into the market and the trend will be upwards.

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    Choose a commodity and understand the fundamentals:

    Understanding the commodity you are trading is essential. For instance, if automobiles are selling faster than usual you will want to buy a steel company such as United Steel (X). If the dollar is weak commodities will likely move higher because of the carry trade and the willingness of foreign countries to profit by buying our commodities at a cheaper price. Understand how the stock moves, the trend of the stock, and other related news specific to the stock and commodity.

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